How to create User Account using Command Prompt in Windows 10?

Operating Systems | Windows

When you have a Windows 10 Home Edition, you don't have the possibility to create an User Account with "Computer Management" or "Lusrmgr.msc".

For this tutorial, we used a Windows 10 Pro Edition to show you this solution helps.

We opened "Computer Management".
(Right click on the "Windows-button" and select "Computer Management")

Then, we selected the folder "Users".

There you have an overview of the Local User Accounts on your pc.

Open "Command Prompt" as Administrator by clicking on the "Windows-button" and start typing "CMD".
(Right click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator")

Type: "net user testuser test /add" and press "Enter".
(User: testuser - Password: test)

When you refresh the Users in "Computer Management", you'll see a new Local User Account: "testuser" with password "test".
Windows 10 Home, lusrmgr.msc, Local User Account, Command Prompt