How to delete an User Account / Profile on Windows 10?

Operating Systems | Windows

You have to log in with an Administrator account to delete User Accounts / Profiles on your device.

Right click on the "Windows"-button and click "Computer Management".

Expand "Local Users and Groups" and click on the folder "Users".

Select the User you want to delete.
F.e. "TempUser".

Right click on the user and click "Delete".

Now, you get a warning what happens when you delete an User Account.
Are you sure you want to delete the user TempUser?

Click "Yes".

If you try to delete an Administrator Account, you get a warning.

Click "OK".

The User account is deleted.

Now, you have to delete the User Profile.

Right click on the "Windows"-button and type "systempropertiesadvanced".

Click "OK".

In the "System Properties"-window, click "Settings" in the "User Profiles" section.

Select the User Profile you want to delete and click "Delete".

Confirm Delete by clicking "Yes".

Click "Ok" in the "User Profiles"-window.

Click "OK" in the "System Properties"-window.

Now the User Account and User Profile is deleted.
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