How to encrypt a Drive using Bitlocker?

Operating Systems | Windows

You have to log in with an Administrator account to run Bitlocker on your device.

Click on the "Windows"-button and start typing "Bitlocker".

In this tutorial we encrypt our Operating system drive (C-drive).

Click on the "Operating System Drive"-section: "Turn Bitlocker on".

How to do you want to back up your recovery key?

Click f.e. on "Save to a file".

Choose a Location where you want to save your Bitlocker Recovery Key.

Click after saving your Bitlocker Recovery Key "Next".

Choose how much of your drive to encrypt.

In this tutorial we choose "Encrypt used disk space only (faster and best for new PC's and drives)" because we are setting up a new PC.

Click "Next".

Select which encryption mode to use.

We select "New encryption mode (best for fixed drives on this device)".

Click "Next".

Are you ready to encrypt this drive?

Click "Start encrypting".

Now your drive will be encrypted.
Windows 10, Drive Encryption, Bitlocker