How to make an Audio or Video Call using Skype for Business?

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If you have a microphone, a headset (or speakers) and a webcam attached to your computer, you can use Skype for Business to make and receive audio and video calls.

Skype for Business automatically detects your audio and video devices, but before making an audio or video call you should check that they are set up correctly.

To do this:

Click the "Options" menu in the main Skype for Business window.

Choose "Tools" > "Audio" (or "Video") "Device Settings".

To make a call:

Locate your contact in Skype for Business,

Click the "Audio" or "Video" icon.

Contacts who have a webcam set up, and so can accept video calls, have "Video Capable" on their contact details.

When you call a contact, an alert pops up on their screen. To accept the call they can click anywhere in the photo area of the pop-up (or they can choose to reject the call).

Once in progress, you can control the call by putting it on hold, muting your audio, switching between audio devices, and changing the way the video appears on screen.

To end the call, close the window or click the "End call" button.
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