How to perform a factory reset on your iPhone?

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Before you erase your device completely, make sure you have a backup ready.

Option 1:

Go to "Settings".

Tap "General".

Tap "Reset" and select "Erase All Content and Settings".

You'll get a Warning box appear, with the option to "Erase iPhone" in red.

Tap this.

You'll need to enter your Apple ID password to confirm the action.

Option 2:

You can also perform a factory reset through iTunes.

Plug in your iPhone into your iMac or PC.

You should be able to see a "Restore iPhone' button.

Tab this.

Option 3:

Hard reset your iPhone with Home + Power buttons.

Hold the "Sleep / Wake" button and the "Home" button at the same time until you see the screen goes black.
(You may need to keep holding the buttons even after the red "Power-off" slider appears. If it appears, just keep holding it!)

Wait until the silver Apple logo appears.

Now, your iPhone is rebooting.
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